Registration for Chiropractors

Eligibility Criteria:
- Must be currently licenced with regulatory college (i.e. College of Chiropractors of Ontario)
- Must have acupuncture within the scope of the applicants practice by law
- Chiropractors registered in Ontario, Alberta, and Newfoundland can take our course
- If you are registered elsewhere, please contact us for more information
Registration Process:
- Determine if you are eligible to register (see eligibility criteria)
- Plan ahead to qualify for our early bird discount (50% off tuition)
- Fill out the registration and credit authorization form by clicking here or visiting
- Await for Dr. Trinh and the Admissions Committee to review all applications and to approve your application
- Upon approval you will be sent additional information about course enrollment

*Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the program you registered in satisfies the minimum requirements of your regulatory body.

Register now by clicking here or visiting

- It is recommended that you take the Extended Fundamental Level (For Chiropractors Only) and the Fundamental Level Exam.
- You will receive up to 200 hours of attendance, 50 of which are contact hours and the other 150 are out of class self-study hours.
- If you successfully complete the Fundamental Level Exam, you will be awarded an 11x17'' certificate from McMaster University